Billy Webster / RSA

Ben Steenkamp / RSA

Francois Engelbrecht / RSA

Hubert Titus / RSA

Lucinda Coetzee / RSA

Seretha Brand / RSA

Pieter & Gerhard / RSA

Dave & Barbara / RSA

Tania & Werner Kleinschmidt / RSA

We have at last been able to use the Sundowner for one of the events that we support.

The shower was brilliant, the fridge freezer was a godsend and we slept very well indeed. Having the Bush Fan was amazing, as it provided much-needed shade for us and the other 5 people who were with us in camp.

People are so impressed with the Bushwakka. The convenience, the attention to detail and the standard of workmanship are just awesome.

The trailer tows so well and it negotiated the steep, rocky tracks without a hitch. We were on a pretty steep site but we easily levelled the trailer off.

Robert and Melanie Blake

Since the live tour confirmed our virtual impressions and expectations in every respect, we ordered our “Sundowner Evolution II”. A decision that I haven’t regretted for a minute. 

I was concerned about whether the deal would go smoothly across two continents and with the handover of at least half the purchase price already made, everything went smooth.

We can only warmly recommend the trailer and, above all, the service..

Wolfram J / Germany

Being experienced 4×4 travelers and campers we did a lot of “thinking and investigating” before we decided on Bushwakka. We also discussed it with Bushwakka owners and friends. The deal maker was the “Bush-Fan” and the comfortable stairs. (We are both over 60)

As a woman, the comfortable 2mx2m bed and how easy it is to make up the bed through the window is a bonus. The other positives are the great “kitchen” that really works well.

lmarie and Hannes v/d B

The Bhoma comes fully equipped – no extra tents and poles necessary. This is a huge plus for us. If you have to pack up in the rain, no tents are wet, only the fans which can easily be opened for drying upon arrival at destination.

Very practical and easily accessible kitchen and wash-up basin with geyser. Fact oh having hot water readily available is a huge plus. Have not used shower yet but same will apply there. Design allows for wonderful airflow through camper with both bed tents unfolded.

Fact that it is not a “take what you get” deal. I discussed requirements with Jasper which he turned into active modifications specifically for my requirements.

Francois / RSA

As my wife and I were spending increasingly more time in the bush, we decided in 2017 to buy an off-road trailer. After a lot of time spent researching our options, we eventually decided on a Bushwakka Sundowner.

This has turned out to be the best decision we could have made. Having slept in our Sundowner 180 nights in everchanging Kalahari conditions over the past 2 years, we really got to know it, it never let us down and has become our second home.

Since buying our first Sundowner 4 years ago, we have been treated wonderfully by the wholeBushwakka team.

Rodger Brown / RSA

We recently purchased a Safari Tourer from Bushwakka that was tailor-made to our specifications. From the onset, it was a pleasure to engage with Jasper and his team.

They are professional and open to finding the best solutions to any challenge. My wife and I have been Overlanding Africa for the past 20 years and decided to upgrade our level of comfort when camping whilst not compromising on our ability to visit really remote areas that are generally difficult to access.

The Safari Tourer was our chosen option as it provides both luxury and convenient camping whilst at the same time light enough to go into serious 4×4 terrain.

Werner and Kozett Myburgh

We picked up our Kamelback on the 17th of August after lots of instructions on how to actually set up and close the business…. Thank you, we managed very well after 14 days with the “Perfect one”!

We went straight to Struisbaai for four nights and there our car was winded and water tested on a large scale. Slept well in our 1.9m x 2m bed with the wind soothing us to sleep, that air suspension on the Cruiser works very well and the Kamelback stayed dry, Bushwakka knows how to put things together for sure.

After years of rooftop tents and ground tents (not yet, and not intending to do the caravan thing) I can say we have found our perfect travel vehicle.

Johan & Tania Bruwer / RSA

My wife and I have followed a fairly typical evolution in our camping; tents when we were younger and when the kids were still small we moved to a “conventional” type camper trailer with a canvas rooftop tent that opened into a room down on the ground level with the bed up a ladder.

Once our boys were old enough to be using their own tent we found the whole drama of packing away canvas, especially when wet, just wasn’t what we wanted.

We got rid of the canvas tent and replaced it with a hard shell roof top tent; this was quicker and far easier and it kept us quiet for a few more years until I happened to see a video of the Bushwakka Sundowner Evo… mind is blown!

Rory and Michelle / RSA

Would like to compliment Bushwakka on a brilliant piece of engineering. We have just returned from a 3 week (4300 km) trip through Botswana, Namibia and Zimbabwe. Set up camp 11 times and on the 11th time it took only 7 minutes which is not recommended as this was an Olympic-style contest between myself and a conqueror owner and if not in good shape can lead to some stumbles.

Really quick and easy, trouble free and best off all everything that really matters works every time.

We really enjoyed the Bhoma and are looking forward to many more camping trips in this off-road marvel. Hats off to some really smart and reliable engineering design.

The Newberry’s

Bushwakka team support was excellent, if we proposed an adjustment, the team was just as excited as we were. I’ve worked with many companies but never have I come across a company with such a positive and supportive team.

We approached Bushwakka after deciding we no longer wanted to camp in ground tents, but rather an Off-Road caravan that was more comfortable and easier to set up and offer the freedom to travel and explore

Gerrie and Sandra D