Unleash Boundless Exploration with the Bushwakka Tourer 4×4 Camper Trailer while experiencing Comfort, Convenience, and Thrill with Every Journey!



The Tourer 4×4 Off-Road Trailer is your ideal choice. Perfect for two, this compact trailer boasts Bushwakka Africa’s new double aluminium pop-top tent that’s easy to operate, even at 1.4m above ground level. Its size makes it suitable for smaller SUVs, but don’t underestimate its pace and compatibility with larger 4x4s.

Despite its smaller frame, the Tourer’s size and lighter chassis don’t compromise its off-road towing capability. It’s designed not to carry every gadget, but to focus on essentials for a comfortable camping experience. Though it’s a basic trailer at its core, there are fantastic upgrades available, transforming it into a super trailer.

As for affordability, the Tourer 4×4 off-road trailer is well-priced, offering great value for your investment.

It’s a wise choice if you’re seeking a balance between cost and the freedom of the open road with a reliable, versatile, and comfortable off-road trailer.

Starting from R345 000 VAT inclusive

Finance options available
T’s & C’s apply